Monday, June 26, 2006


royal poinciana branch in flower, punta gorda, florida
well... its high time i updated this journal.

many things have changed, even since i last updated and repurposed this little experiment. i want this to be a place where my friends and family can find out what i have been up to lately, but i am finding out that it may be a whole lot better to stick to that which i have done rather than speak about intentions. the designer seems to have different plans than little old me.

although i had long lived in florida, and had considered it all used up for my purposes, a recent lengthy visit to southwest florida with my friend john V. who is in the process of relocating with his family to punta gorda for a new job opportunity has persuaded me otherwise. it was a lovely stay, and the climate and the pace, and even the work opportunities seemed custom made for me at this time in my life. as did the chance to live near a long time friend and his family in a setting we could all enjoy. it will also be a less stressful and more affordable move at this time.

the die is cast, the rubicon is crossed. to fort myers i go for as long as it seems i am supposed to be there.

my time of preoccupation with another web community is coming to a close, so i hope to be a good bit more faithful in reporting feelings, events, and even images in this journal. few will see it currently, but as it begins to take shape, i will be welcoming visitors from all over the globe.