Friday, November 28, 2008


how nice to have a day of non-events.

a good neighbor who has gone out of his way to be helpful volunteered to take me on a wal-mart run, the better to stock up on bargain items i can only afford there, and a few that are only carried there. on average i drop $1oo there a visit if i only go once a month. thanks to his prodding, that was done before noon. left to my own devices i would be racing the sunset home.

once the groceries were properly assimilated, and email had been checked, i remembered another chore i had been wanting to get to for a while and so i saddled up my trusty (crosses fingers) steed and took my tax returns and "stimulus" check and opened a new checking account at a nearby bank. i was quite happy with my current soon to be former bank, but they don't have a downtown branch, and i am tired of schlepping. i can now bank roughly a mile in either direction, towards downtown, publix , and the bennet's fresh grind, or the opposite direction towards the bargain markets and thrift shop .

buzzing around at the end of november in a t-shirt and shorts (you gotta love south florida, politics notwithstanding), running everyday errands for myself, just like regular people, even accomplishing what i set out to do, it all just felt so good.

oh yeah, and the sunset, which i didn't get a picture of this time, was subtly, rather than spectacularly, gorgeous.

one last grace note and on to the news of the world, what there is being reported on a holiday weekend, and blogging same.

a friend i had been trying to contact for important personal reasons finally called, and that conversation had a positive conclusion as well. maybe the cloud of depression and anxiety i have been living under has evaporated for a while. i wish for you all, whoever you may be, that your day went as gently, and if not that this report gives you hope for YOUR better days.



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